A Close to A Chapter in My Life.

I’ve decided to put down my farewell note on this page. :)

Dear Nuffies, Churpies, Nomsters, Netties,

Today is my last day (physical) with the group, I’ve spent a wonderful 5
years with the company and for that, I have a lot of people to thank. :)
I’m one of the few people in this company with the opportunity to work with
almost all of you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and
everyone of you for your time and for creating awesome work together.

The fearless Nomsters – Joyce, Bryan, Yutson, Wai Cheong, Adele, Livian,
Daniel, Hakim, Alfred, Jason

Thanks for the hard work, late night proposals, obligatory drinking and
karaoke sessions with clients as well as bringing so much life into the
orange office. Each and everyone of you are really interesting people and
I’m glad to have had the opportunity to know you and work with you.

The Reelity superstars – Michael, Isaiah & Kenneth

You guys are like the popular kids in school, the cool kids. :P Thanks for
creating inspiring work and achieving so much in this short span of a year.
I’m really excited to see more awesome work from you guys.

The fabulous Talent Team – Choo, Denise, Mel, Justina

I’m really happy to see how the team has grown in terms of size and
structure. Carry on doing great work and please do make great use of the
systems set in placed for your team!

My top secret angels – Adrian, Xing Yi

Both of you have been the cheekiest (and kind of fun) people to work with.
You’re both so vain and work so well together. Thank you for the good memories.

My ladies in Ad Ops – Enwei, Jo-yee, Pui Yee, Rebecca, Vivien

Every Thursdays, 5PM is where I get to hear most of what you ladies are
going through day to day. That is also when I nag you ladies on certain
things. :P I’m touched by the amount of thought you ladies put into your
work. Being an ad ops is one of the most challenging roles and thank you
for holding the fort. Remember what I also nag you girls about okay?

My amazing Comm & @ReelCaféNoms Team – Sam, Ophelia, Laura, Jack

Thank you for making my last weeks in Netccentric so much fun! I really
enjoyed going through the late nights with you guys creating our little
cafe. :) Thank you for your patience and dedication to work. I’m confident
you guys will be creating more exciting events and I can’t wait to be there
to attend it. :)

Designers & Technies – Antony, Farah, ShunYau, Louis, Ban, Hui QIn, Sim,
Azri, James (:P), Sudir

I actually felt really sad when you guys had to move out to MV because I
used to always go around the tech team to disturb you guys when I get
stressed out. Thank you for all the great memories and awesome projects we
worked together on. Thank you for being every reliable and helpful. What
will do without you guys? :(

Double Trouble – Yuan Hooi & Mark
Working alongside you both for CC’s app & revamp was one of the highlights
of my time here. You guys are so dedicated and talented, you both really
inspire me. Thanks for also being great friends and for being there for me
in my downtime. The late nights, “orange sidebar nonsense” and the
brainstorming sessions are precious memories to me. :)

The sexy admean team – Angie, Rina, Karms, Wenny

You ladies are some of the most thoughtful people I know. Thank you for
being there to always support us, to support me when I needed you guys. I
love you all!

Rebecca Teo
You crazy busy girl, I sometimes feel really bad for having to bug you for
minor issues as I know you have tons on your plate. Thank you for being
such a joy to work with. Thanks for the support when I needed it most! I
really appreciate all that you and the regional team are doing!

We’re kind of like siblings eh? We fight and make up but at the end of the
day, we both have clear goals for the success of our organization. :) I
still remember faking a fight with you on April’s fool to con Tim haha!
Thank you for striving so hard, it’s a joy being able to work alongside
dedicated A-players like you, Rach. I will miss it. A LOT. :)

I watched you evolve from a geek to a sexy young man. I look up to you a
lot to be a better leader, Timo. I love how you can dissect all my rants
and help me see how small some of my problems are haha! Thank you for
always listening to me and for being there for me as a friend. I will miss
you and your sarcasm.


Of my 5 years working here, the last few weeks were the only time when I
really got to somewhat work with you. I really wished you came down to KL
earlier. It has been a great short few weeks of getting to work with you!
Thank you for your patience and your time, Wen. I will see you soon in SG okay?

Dear Ming & Tim,

Ming, I don’t work very closely with you but I always look forward to your
sharing at company retreats. :) I will never forget the effort you took to
call me just to let me know you thought one of my decks were good, it was
very encouraging and thoughtful of you to recognise the small work I did.
I’m also really thankful and touched that you spent the entire day helping
me sort of MY’s operations issues when I came down to SG. That was one of
the longest and best meetings I’ve had. Thanks for believing in me and
encouraging me, Ming. :)

Tim, I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity that you have made
possible for me and the amount of trust you placed on me throughout my time
here. Thank you for letting me grow as a Nuffie – from being an Ad Ops, to
the first Malaysia Talent Manager, spearhead ChurpChurp’s growth in
Malaysia and subsequently manage the operations team.

Thank you for your kindness and patience, your care and your
thoughtfulness. Thank you for letting me fail and for pushing me to the
best version of me in all the roles I have had the opportunity to play.
More importantly, thanks for going beyond what a boss would do and for
being a friend to me.

I’m proud of the work we achieved in this 7+ years and I wish you both the
very best in steering this ship to greater success. I will forever be
grateful for your kindness.

Lastly guys, the year is coming to an end so party hard and wrap up the
year with a bang! 2015 is going to be amazing! The company trip will be a
great time for everyone to align your goals, strive hard okay Nuffies.

I hope to see you guys very soon for catch up sessions! Connect with me on
social media too! <3

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WHODUNIT!? | Shear Madness @ PJLA

Going to be catching this play tonight, courtesy of ChurpChurp Malaysia!

I’m a sucker for LIVE shows and this one looks very promising.

Shear Madness!

I did a bit of research prior to the show as the name sounded quite familiar! As it turns out, Shear Madness is one of the longest running comedy plays in the world. According to Wikipedia, there’s about 12k (and counting) shows done around the world!

What’s interesting about Shear Madness is that all the shows will have different endings. Reason being, the audience has to interact with the actors to help solve the murder mystery in the show. Super exciting!

I hope we can have more live shows like these in KL. In the meantime, if you’re into these sort of shows like I am, check out Shear Madness Malaysia’s Facebook or PJ Life Arts for more info!

Anyway, you’ll probably hear about my review of the show on my Twitter or Facebook. See you there. :

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Need space.

Seems like I can’t find a safe space to pour my thoughts out on social media anymore. I try not too inject negative vibes on my platforms and that is why the updates have been getting shorter and less frequent… but once in awhile I feel the need to let off some steam and so…here I am.

Had one of the more productive weekends and made some pretty big decisions in life. Getting anxious just at the thought of it and I hope to get some good news from the decision (which would eventually lead to some bad news) soon.


Anywhere the wind blows.


Getting a scoop of real life here. I would say growing up is only 30% fun and lots of etcs that we don’t favor.

Getting sleepy now.


I’ll have to keep myself armed with coffee tomorrow.

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KOSÉ SEKKISEI Lotion Mask – Freebies ahead!

Used to be super tanned when I was a kid because of all the exciting after school activities. Then,I grew to become super afraid of the sun once I got into college and I took extreme measures to make sure I could be fair, something I never could be when I was in high school. As I grew older, I became even more obsessed about having fair skin, that explains my RM1k over spending in Myeongdong last June to stock up on skincare products.


Anyway, point is, I’m quite obsessed when it comes to skincare and lately I’ve even been chatting with some friends on taking collagen to get that healthy, glowing, fair skin. However, since collagen’s gonna cost me a bomb, I’ll save that for the future when I turn 30.

Anywayyyyy, I got the chance to try out this skincare product from Japan! Thank God for people who dedicate their lives to beauty and technology for making it so much more effortless to get beautiful skin! Going to be doing a review here, haven’t done one of these in awhile aye?

Ladies and..(don’t think there’s any gentlemen around) more ladies, introducing the KOSE SEKKISEI LOTION MASK.

Let me show you how it’s done… I’m using a sample pack with the mask sheet soaked up in the goodness of the SEKKISEI lotion, but if you’re using the actual product, the sheet mask looks like a tablet before it’s soaked in with the lotion, simply pop the mask into the cap of the lotion and pour the lotion to let the sheet mask soak up before applying onto your skin. For the sample that I’m using..


1)      Unfold the mask and place onto clean face for 5-10mins.


2)      Remove Mask tap the excess into the skin until it is absorbed, I never waste a drop of essence and always make sure I get the best of it! No need to rinse it off btw.


3)      Voila! Skin is now fair, radiant and translucent like SNOW.


Skin feels great after this pamper sesh! For your benefit, I’ve included some product information here :D


Deep translucency with the power of oriental plant extracts, even for dull skin. A lotion that creates fine-textured, hydrated “snow-white” skin.

1) Based on a “beautiful translucent skin recipe” containing items carefully selected out of approximately 100 types of oriental plants. A lotion that creates fine-textured, hydrated, translucent skin like snow, using the hydrating power of gentle oriental plant extracts.

2) Balances out the skin’s moisture levels, preventing dullness, roughness, and pimples caused by dryness, as well as redness caused by sunburn from sunlight, or by the sun’s reflection in snowy areas.

3) The cloudy white lotion blends instantly into the skin, just like melting snow, creating fine-textured, plump skin. With a refreshing, light sensation, the lotion leaves the surface of the skin feeling silky smooth, yet hydrated. Your skin regains its natural pure translucency down to your pores.

4) Can be used on your face, neck, body & mask.

So what are the secret ingredients in these babies that’s does the magic? This lotion contains mostly oriental plant extracts and here’s how they look like in their raw form

1)     Coix Seed Extract – increases metabolism, whitens, moisturizes and prevents skin roughness.

2)     Angelica Extract – contains disinfectant, has whitening and moisturizing effects.

3)     Melothria (White Lotus) extract – suppresses melanin production has whitening effects on the skin.

With its brand name and history in the skincare line (KOSE was founded in 1946!), there’s no need to doubt the effectiveness quality of this product. Anyway, go try it out! You can get it from any KOSE counters. The SEKKISEI 200ml lotion is going for RM170 and 300ml for RM260, pretty great value for such a high quality product if you ask me. If you make a purchase from the counters, don’t forget to join their Miss Cinderella contest happening on their Facebook page, it rewards to be active on social media. :)

If you wanna be convinced before making that purchase, you’re in for some good news because I’m giving away some of these treasures today! Simple answer these questions (were you paying attention?) drop me your details and I’ll treat you to a sample of the mask. I’ve got 24 masks to be given away so have fun!

- What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask?

- Name one of the benefits of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask.

Remember to include name and email address so I could get in touch with you. =)

Good things are meant to be shared! You’re welcome. :)

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Knocking on your door

Friends have commented that I’ve been really funny off late.

Cracking a joke is a great defense mechanism, so why not? Why let a frown sit rent free on your face when you can donate a smile to your friend’s face?

Have you ever felt so caught up with what’s going on in life that you’ve neglected your true self? I tried getting putting myself in deep thought to ponder about life but I can’t seem to just be focused on it.

Ringing on the doorbell of my inner self – where are you? Will you GPS your way back into me, if you’ve gone too far?

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2012 is coming to an end…and as usual the starting/ending of a year means hearing news about the passing of people in my life. I get in my emo mode whenever I hear about the passing of someone I used know. It just put things back into perspective for me…my life, the people I know, the ones I love. I question my priorities in life when I hear news like that and I never will know how to react appropriately to those news.

2012 is a year of crazy ups and downs, life is really a bitch like what they say. It has its sweet and loving moments but there were times where I got into the worst situations only to be faced with a “Bitch please, you think that’s all you’re gonna get? Wait till you see what’s next” slapped in my face. I’ve learnt so much this year in all areas and I’m bringing all that I’ve learnt in my transition to adulthood.

I’ve always believed that I am where I am to make a difference and with that in mind, I would as much as I can to make that difference significant in all I do, wherever I do it.

Had to take a crash course to survive – discouragement, disappointment, frustration, depression, loneliness – these few guys were living rent free in my head for months for longer than expected. During the troubled times, I was tested, many times and it was tough. My cake batter foamed and fluffed but sunk very quickly, yet I had no choice but to buck up and finish baking the cake. I  I learnt things I never did about the people around me – most things encouraging even though there were some things that I was disappointed to know. I’m very thankful I have God to count on especially in those crazy moments, I know what I went through has helped shape me to become a stronger person.

Flashback of some tips in life I’ve picked up in the past few months (just for the sake of keeping track of my life)

*Flash* It is necessary to stand up and fight for yourself because you’re the only one who could and would do that.

*Flash* Being nice may sometimes be seen as being weak and so it’s important to follow the rules, play by the book and accept what comes your way.

*Flash* Being loud(er) doesn’t mean you’re right and hearing nothing doesn’t mean your wrongs are not echoing all over the room.

*Flash* Self pity is absolutely irritating and should be avoided/ignored at all cause.

*Flash* Being focused on what matters most is more important – filter and roll, rinse and repeat.

*Flash* Snakes are on the plane, in your garden, on the loose. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

*Flash* Set goals that are achievable not just to achieve them but to surpass them.

*Flash* Be neutral = mediocre, be extreme = surprise yourself, blow your mind.

*Flash* Not one person is truly replaceable, every single person brings different values to an experience. Never take anyone in your life for granted.

*Flash* Fixing starts from within. Before all things, love and work on yourself first.

This is something I saw from Rihanna’s Instagram that I wholeheartedly agree. I may not agree with her image as a personality but this line got me writing pass my 3rd sentence in this blog post.


In all its good and horrible times, I’m thankful for 2012. I really am. I’m happy I’m alive, I have a great family, an amazing guy who loves me for who I am, really awesome friends and a lot to look forward to in life. :)

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Krabi 2012 : Emerald Pool

Day 2

Our original plan of Island hopping got cancelled because of the heavy morning rain. Had breakfast in the hotel, which I forgot to snap pictures of and we quickly made some last minute arrangements to go for a different tour. So instead of Island hopping, we decided to check out the famous Emerald Pool, Hot Springs and go elephant trekking.

The van of our tour agency picked us up from our hotel and we took an almost 40 minutes ride to the Hot Springs!

Upon arrival, we found the Hot Spring closed because of heavy rain the night before and that morning.  So we made a small detour to visit the Emerald Pool first…we had to walk about 1KM to reach said pool.

Along the way

Reaching soon!

Welcoming elephant

And in we go!

But not without a shot of ourselves first. The ground that we were standing on was really slippery as it’s covered with algae.

there you have it, the famous and beautiful Emerald Pool. The pool was absolutely gorgeous and I wished I could access a pool like that whenever I’m stressed out with work.

It started to rain again once we got in the pool so we had to get out for shelter before we continued swimming and snapping pictures.

Our tour guide helped snap some pictures of us! We look really happy in the pictures and I love it!

This particular part of the pool served as our back massager for a few minutes.


Next up is hotsprings and elephant trekking. <3

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Krabi 2012

For the longest time, we’ve been talking about going somewhere together, spend some quality time away from the crazy city of KL and just r.e.l.a.x. Months after we secured a decent deal from AirAsia’s sale and Agoda, we  finally planned a trip up to Krabi last week. It took us forever to just sit down and tried to work out a plan with work clogging every waking moment of our past few months.

Krabi was just going into a rainy season as we arrive, so it was pretty much a very wet trip.

We arrived at the airport to be greeted by a sign that says, Mr. Michelle. heh.

How thoughtful of them to prepare a sign just for him :P

We spent 5 days 4 nights at Krabi and here’s our original itinerary of this trip

Day 1 – Arrive, Book tours, Snoop around Aonang

Day 2 – Island hopping

Day 3 – Kayaking, Elephant trekking, Visit the Emerald Pool, Hot Springs, Krabi Night Market after that

Day 4 – Snooze and enjoy the hotel

Day 5 – Suffer post holiday syndrome

Day 1

Checked into Aonang Cliff Beach, I love this hotel so much for it’s value for money. Also helps that it’s strategically located in Aonang, you get easy access to restaurants, tour agencies, drug stores, clinics and places to splurge money at.

We stuck to our schedule on Day 1, braved the heavy rain and went around Aonang to explore the very wet place. Clumsy Nicgan had one side of his flip flop slide off and floated away in the heavy rain underneath the vans parked by the road and we had to chase for it. LOL.

Wendy recommended for us to try to Banana Nutella pancake on Twitter earlier the day so we ordered one from the stall by the street despite the heavy rain. It was an interesting dish and I didn’t mind spending some calories on it. However, I think it could be less oily.

Samurai Pork Burger from McD’s – this was on Nicgan’s must try list of food.

It was only average for me as I’ve had better pork burgers like from places like Ninja Joe’s, Wallop Burger and Kissaten.

Look at Nicgan, splurging his calories on this Samurai.

We came across this unique little coffee place right opposite our hotel, it’s called Coffee Arthit and they serve ALL DAY BREAKFAST. I am a sucker for places that serve breakfast all day. There is no excuse why every other cafe refuses to do that! Who set the rules of what kind of food one should have for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

By the looks of the interior, you know you’re in for some goood food dining here. We checked out some tour packages in the restaurant (because he was an agent for some tour companies too)  for the rest of our days and compared prices because we’re Asian (Malaysian….Chinese) like that.

The owner was so helpful to call for rates every time we asked him about a package so we felt bad and decided to order something from the place. We picked the Mango Sticky Rice dessert that was on his Specials board.

It was the most tastefully plated Mango Sticky Rice I’ve had. I also love the fact that he heated up the sticky rice before serving. Absolutely yummy.

We walked around a bit more after that to check out the F&B outlets around. The restaurant stretch opposite our hotel serves all sorts of food you can think of, but I’ll always want to go for street food and not pretentious Thai food from a restaurant. We found this noodle shop hiding in a corner of one of the alleys and decided to try a bowl of beef ball noodles.

Now this is the kind of food I love having in Thailand. :)

Ended the night with a food massage that eventually caused bruises to my shin the next day.

I’ll tryyyyy to blog about the next few days in Krabi. :)

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