Why SmartPhones can be DumbPhones.

Because there can be not very bright people using Smartphones to do not very smart things.

Not fully utilizing the functions of your smart phone is one for what makes a smart phone less smart. Shame on you owner. I’ve been using Smartphones since 5 years back. My journey started off with my first O2 Mini, a gift I got from daddy as a reward for my somewhat passable SPM results.

I actually had 2 of these because my dad got one for himself (and gave up trying to learn how to use it soon after). My phone eventually got stolen during an assignment back in my college days. The second one is still functional (I think) but is just left sitting in my drawer along with my other non functional phones from the past.

I’m on Samsung Omnia II at the moment. A lot of people *points to nuffies in particular* mock me for getting this windows mobile based phone but I do like using my phone besides the fact that it occasionally hangs. Well, it’s true that I don’t get to communicate as efficiently with the rest of the people around me but I can do old school communication pretty well ok!

Ever since I’ve gotten my Omnia, I’ve been hooked on tweeting via MoTweets. I absolutely love the app.

This picture is just pathetic haha. I had no idea how to access the webcam on my office laptop by itself. So what I did was I logged into to MSN’s video settings and print screened my biting my phone… because I needed both hands to print screen! I tell you I’m a blonde disguised as a brunette.

I’m a total n00b when it comes to comparing between telcos for the best data plans.┬áNot knowing about (or bothering to find out about ) a data plan (*points to self*) is also what made my not-very-smart-to-begin-with phone dumber. I was on no data plan but was surfing with 3G pretty much until I got my phone bill. I was on a 1KB = 1 Cent charge for data (stupid me). Thank God for me signing up for a data plan soon after I got pointed in the right direction from Tim2.

Now that I’ve gotten myself a data plan, I could surf in peace! I check my tweets first thing when I get up and last thing before I doze off every night these days.

So thats my little sharing about smartphones and how they can be dumbphones.

It’s really all in the owner!

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