Peugeot 207 is now available in Malaysia

Peugeot has always been the preferred car brand by my family (at least to my mum and I) because we just seem to have something about the brand, the way it’s pronounced, the design of the rides and the pleasure from riding in them. Can’t say the exact same for my dad though because of the traditional China Man thinking (not saying it’s a bad thing) of buying a car with better resale value yadayada. I have nothing against Japanese cars and in fact I drive one but somehow or rather European cars just feels better, they look better and have nicer names of starters. Don’t bother going into specifics with me, I’m a girl and I’m entitled to think like one!

Like I was saying, I’ve always had a thing for Peugeot cars so when I was extended an invite to the exclusive launch of their latest sedan the 207, I jumped at the opportunity even though it was at Putrajaya.

pic by Joshua

I honestly didn’t think the event would be such a grand one, most of the guests to this event were from the media and banking industry. Even Tun Dr Mahathir graced the event to give us his little note before the new 207 was launched.

So the 207, like the other Peugeots have this distinct look from the front. I love how the Lion is smacked right in front of the ride because I like a car that screams attention, plus it’s a logo of a Lion! (Leo = lion = destined to drive a Peugeot).

Some pictures of the car from the Peugeot Malaysia site.

Will bug the family to go on a test drive for this car since it’s one that is more affordable in the market. =) Anyway, some snaps of the event and people who attended before I wrap.

pic by jackie

Female nuffies for the night – Angie, Karen & Linda all looking glamorous.

pic by Joshua

Of course the rest of the ladies were looking pretty too. Here is Ginny and Nat with me.

pic by Tian Chad

and the rest of us Glitterati Plus Nuffnangers. =)

By the way, if you haven’t already do check out this video of the 207.

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