michellezyenn : The Rising Star

You can’t beat me I’m a rockstar……in the making.

yes, my album will be out this December.

Watch out for my latest singles in this album, gosh I’ve put in so much hard work to it for the past few months! So excited that it’s finally coming to stores so soon!

So anyway, keep an eye out on my album “The Rising Star” featuring the popular tracks always on air on MichFM!  Here is the full list of songs featured in this debut album of mine. I did a lot of collaborations with the very talented musicians around me.

1. We should really be dancing.

2. Excuse me Mijel (ft Karen Kadazan)

3. We don’t need no alcohol (Michellezyenn vs DJ Pinky)

4. Moonwalk like we jaywalk

5. My bunneh lies over the ocean

6. Balls of beef

7. Snowflake, Snowflake (aka taro taro)

8. To psycho with love (ft Froggybroon)

9. Snag the whites (ft DJ Fresh)

10. Ears don’t lie (ft DJ Yuenny)

11. Layers of phat (ft Loopsinner)

12. Non spicy makeover (ft Nikilesh)

I hope you enjoy the songs!

pics credit to dustyhawk

[Disclaimer] btw disclaimers are so potong stim don’t you agree? This is a joke okay, I am not coming up with an album or whatever haha. MichFM however, is real, it’s only being aired in the Nuffnang Malaysia’s office though. teehee.

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Oktoberfest 2010 @ Souled Out

Party people hey it’s Friday Night!

I always treasure times that I get to spend with the Nuffies and I think it’s a blessing to be able to have fun with these people even though I see them every day at work. Last Friday was 1st of October and the launch of OKTOBERFEST. I’ve never celebrated Oktoberfest in any way in the past so this was a first for me. Left office around 6PM (early!) and got lost for about 1 and a half hour before finally reaching Souled Out @ Desa Sri Hartamas.

I miss Souled Out so much, can’t even remember the last time I’ve been here for a meal.

Souled Out was all decked up for Oktoberfest! Me being the street fair cum crowd lover was very excited to get myself registered and join in the fun.

Got ourselves an awesome beer jug each! It’s no ordinary beer jug but one that could hold up 1 litre of Tiger beer love.

We could refill out glasses all night long only because it’s Oktoberfest! There was a promotion for Tiger Beer that night too, 50 bucks for a litre of Tiger Beer love.

Food was available across Souled Out and we hungry girls went over to feed ourselves as soon as we secured a seat.

Pretty lights!

Happy people!

There was a stage set up for games and entertainment all night long.

Good old street fair games that everybody loves.

Food was to be purchased with coupons.

And guess what kinda food were they serving?

Lots of stuff and very reasonable prices and most importantly…


15 bucks gets you a choice of 2 sausages plus sidelines and that was what we all opted for.

Jacqkie was happy to be fed.

So was Fresh

and of course Yuen (duh!) who’s got her appetite back!

I love sausages thank you. Is there a way to even say this without sounding suggestive?

I like eating sausages.

I adore the texture of sausages in my mouth.

German sausages make me happy.

..I don’t think so.

Anyway after all the eating, we were ready for some drinking with the good people at Souled Out.

Bumped into Michael & Suanie who started way earlier than us.

So we wasted no time!

Got our jugs filled. (erm)

And there we have a litre of liquid gold.

Look at the size of this jug and how it compares to my RedBlackBerry. 1 litre is no joke (Well, at least not for me)!

Where there’s beer, there are always fun people around; bumped into Wilson and Ren and we camwhored quite a bit.

Bumped into Tock too!


Soon after, more nuffies came to join us for some chill out after a week’s long of work. Some of them came from other events.

Pinky (who adores beer), Nic, Jestina, Yuen and Fresh posing for me.

Linda and her Herobear ignoring me

Priceless picture!

Huai Bin with us in this picture. Sara was there with Chung Wei. Angeline too but the only shot I got of her is not something I think she’d appreciate me posting haha.


I work with beautiful people I know. =)

It was a night long of chatting and drinking with the people I’ve grown to sayang and will sometimes miss over the weekend.

Btw Nic Gan turned Nikilesh that night.

And Karen & Sheng went a lil overboard with their PDA.

Wake me up when September ends in 2011 for Oktoberfest! Ciao!

*more scoop on Oktoberfest HERE!

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Parties Around Town

Gotta hand it to Celcom for bringing in the most happening parties around. I’ve been to 2 of their Xplay parties and boy they were amazing!

Hot Hot DJs, good music, awesome energy from the crowd – All of what I look forward to in a party.

Here are some snapshots from the XPLAY party at Sunway Opera that happened a few weeks back.

Pictures above are from Saimatkong & Andee, the BG collage is from Akiraceo because I use his wallpaper! lol

The XPLAY party last Saturday was pretty amazing too, it took place at Gosh Club, near my office!

Had loads of fun dancing with the nuffies and I think I got pretty high from the energy of the crowd. Didn’t snap much pictures because I was busy dancing of course. Only people who are not into partying can have so much time to carry their big ass cameras snapping pictures la!  But then again, they are the ones to thank for pretty party pictures. =)

With Rachel & Jestina. The girls crazy enough to dance with me in the crowd!

I choose to call him by his Chinese name, Yan Soon. Heee.

I can has polaroid pictures for memories too! Polaroid shots were given if you decide to pose in front of the backdrop outside of Gosh.

With Andee da man!

But more importantly, take a closer look at the first polaroid..

Yes, that is is Utt! I bet most girls my age used to have a crush on him when he was still an MTV VJ. I used to watch his section ALL THE TIME.

Jessica & Jestina are the other 2 lucky girls who managed to get in this polaroid with Utt.

There were pole dancers too that night but I couldn’t manage to take any shots of em that night.

I took a video though!

Mamaked with the rest of the crew before we called it a night.

I’d definitely catch the next XPLAY coming up soon in Melaka if I didn’t have to prepare for the*cough* performance *cough* the nobody nobody dance with the female nuffies this weekend. lalala~

Xplay this weekend is happening at Melaka Pure Bar, Friday 23rd July. You really should head there if you’re in Malacca! Check out Celcom’s FB page for Invites

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An Indian Guy Trapped in a Chinese Body

Some of us find the way he speaks so hilarious. I mean not the things that he say, but the way he says them.

this is us video calling while taking a break from work, he was asking me if he needed a hair cut but as you can see I was more interested in print screening. I was shaking my head imitating him all the time while video calling.

Nic Gan

Just try talking to him and you’ll know what I mean. I shall refrain from further commenting that would make me look racist. haha

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I feel like

a once squashed ping pong ball that is now soaked in warm water waiting to transform back to its original round, smooth and bouncy form.




I’m round again. (Metaphorically, but quite obviously literally also. Whatever, I’m happy)

I would be even happier If I could write about it here but yea, a lil discretion on my end would be good because me doing so wouldn’t really bring either party any benefit. Whatever it is, I finally got some eye drops to clear my vision.

On to some happy stuff!

By the way, finally caught Shrek 4! I watched it with the one with the cool dreadlocks last weekend at Tropicana City Mall. Had some Dim Sum and catching up before the movie. =) Happy day it was but I felt really bad having to leave him to go shop for ingredients for a cooking session with the nuffies.

I got my peace sign going on woohoo!

The second part of the day was spent cooking with the Nuffies! Gosh I sayang these people more and more each time every time we do something together and I really treasure that.

This is the only picture I took last night fml. Battery died out too soon and I was too busy doing the cooking and cleaning. I felt like a mum that night hahaha. Let’s hope the rest of the nuffies snapped some awesome moments and would share em with me.

To end this post,

This was done with my finger & track pad. Please pardon my lack of calligraphy skills.

That’s all for now. Imma sleep now and have a sweet dream about a hot guy. *pleasepleaseplease*

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They just keep coming

The past 2 weeks have been crazy! I’ve been out practically every night be it weekday or weekends either because of work or to catch up with friends. As much as I would love to blog about my life on a daily basis, I simply can’t because there’s way too much happening at the moment.

Photo recap of the past 2 (or more?) weeks till I decide to elaborate more. I didn’t carry my big fat cam around for all the events so these are some images I have from some of them.

Horeca: School of Bartending. There were a series of parties held and I went to 2 out of 3 of them.

This was themed Wonderland, popped by 7atenine with the nuffies to unwind abit on a weekday.

All these pictures are from Veen Dee’s camera.

This is the 3rd Horeca party themed Fashionista that was held at Maison. The party ended pretty early for the nuffies (at 1130PM) because everyone was kinda tired, everyone except me. I was hyper because I went out to get a dress earlier that night and I didn’t want to just waste it for that few hours.

Most of the pictures here are from Cindy’s cam and in my Facebook.

Headed over to a pub called Mark’s Place @ Kelana Jaya Plaza to meet up with some cool people  and the night ended pretty well. =) Looking forward to going back to the place to try out more of their food and drinks!

The following was DiGi’s Breakfree Party at Ecobar. This was a themed party but I had very limited ideas on what to go as. Grabbed the mask i handmade for Yeen’s 21st Birthday party years back, put on a dress, slapped on some red lipstick that’s it!

Headed over to Zouk for Hennessy Artistry right after DiGi with David, Cindy & Andy after that. Pictures here are mostly from Cindy’s Cam (I need a new compact!). Met Joshua and a few others there and even got molested by a girl. A big girl. booo. What’s worst is I think I kinda met this person before..I don’t know, I hope I’m wrong.

I had so much fun dancing there with this bunch of awesome people! Cindy and I are the type who don’t need alcohol in our bloodstream to start dancing and I <3 hanging out with people like her.

Slept for about 3 hours and went to drink Milk with 3000+ over other fun people during Dutch Lady’s World Milk Day. I played nanny/photographer to some hungry milk drinking bloggers that day at Pavilion KL.

It was a hot hot day! Had another event right after at the curve so it was non stop moving around.

This last compilation of pics are from Absolut Rock Launch, last Friday @Blackbox Solaris Dutamas.

Didn’t include the nicer pictures because I’d want a proper entry about this event. *winks*

Now you know why I haven’t been updating my blog. I will do so more diligently for your stalking pleasure. :P

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My Colleagues @ work

Brought my camera to work one day and just snapped around.

Sadly, my camera was low on battery and the office was quite empty so there were very little pictures snapped.

Jestina &amp; Karen

I bug Jestina the most whenever I’m lost… and sometimes even when I’m not. She calls me camel because I (supposedly) drink alot of water but I somehow can’t relate to the name yet.

Karen is my buddy buddy at work. We started about the same time and she’s really fun to be around.

Rina &amp; Nicki

It was Nicki’s last day at work for her internship that day so Rina was giving her a big hug. Gonna be missing Nicki’s presence but we’ll meet again during movie screenings. Rina is Tim’s ever reliable sexytary ( I remember Nat using this term b4 so I’m crediting her for it!).


For those of you reading who don’t know already, I’m working at Nuffnang now and @ nuffnang, we are called nuffies.

Teddy on my desk

I use this teddy as my wrist rest. The right leg of this teddy is perfect to be used as a wrist rest.
More next time k?
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