Razzle Dazzle with Miss Tourism International at Focus Point

Razzle Dazzle baby, Razzle Dazzle

Was that a line from Austin Powers? :D

As much I love my color lenses (Fun Fact : currently using Geo Lens that makes my eyes look bigger), I still love wearing my specs because it makes me look like I could be taken seriously. Only problem with wearing em is that my lashes (so long) would rub against my glasses and it’s uncomfortable *bimbo*

  • Anyway, here is how I look in specs (Fun Fact : my spectacles are from GUESS).

I look like the psychologist your mother warned you about. (Fun Fact : I studied psychology for those who still don’t know)

Event : Ms Focus Point Dazzling

Razzle Dazzle was the theme for this event. Miss Tourism International paid the new Focus Point outlet at Fahrenheit 88 a visit recently and I was there with a few fun peeps to check it out. Obviously the event was full of beautiful ladies strutting their stuff in their stuff when you think Miss (Insert pageant).

Look at all of them, all pretty in their outfits and posing for the camera!

I felt so inferior standing next to them but then again I couldn’t get my eyes of some of them because I appreciate beauty like that. It’s so obvious how some girls would naturally stand out among others when you put a whole bunch of them together at one place.

Chermaine was the host of the event! Nice catching up with her again and it’s great to see her busy as usual.

The one who stood out most was of none other than Miss Lithuania and indeed, she grabbed the title as Miss Dazzling Focus Point.

More snaps of the girls at the event!

I even tried capturing this with my panoramic function on my faithful smartphone.

Some of the bloggers who were there with me. These people are all so young they make me feel old!

So there we have it, a short summary about the event from my eyes.

We each got a free pair of frames from Focus Point and some cash vouchers from this event! The ones in the picture are not mine (My pair is nicer looking! :P)

I was really excited when I got the pair of Kappa frames and just recently got Mr Chief to test his eyes for it.

Lets see how he’d look in it when we collect the specs! :D

Thanks Nuffnang for the invites!

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