Eric’s Birthday Party + iPad2 Casing

Spending time at home today as i’ve been sneezing like crazy the past 2 days. :(

So since I have some time at home, i’ll share some photos from the birthday party of Eric Soong, the one all Blackberry addicts turn to to pimp up their BBs. I call him the BB Man.. :)

(shirt says…I’m still drunk because you’re still fit)


It was an ol school party at home, i miss attending parties like these..i used to go for these a lot back in primary and highschool. To be honest, I was expecting a party with loads of booze only..but to my surprise, Eric catered for foood too! (The only kind of food that should be served at parties imho). There was an overload of Roasted pork, chicken wings and Satay that night on top of the very extensive list of booze – The ingredients one needs to have a party!


Speaking of ingredients to an awesome party at home, this one had loads of balloons too, which reminded me more of the parties I used to go to as a kid.

I LOVE BALLOONS, in case you don’t know. I especially love helium baloons because they’re so pretty and effortlessly bring happiness to a room!

One of the highlights of that night was actually to meet Alfie!



I’ve seen albums after albums of this pup and that night was the first time I actually met him. Such an adorable fella!


Mr Chief and I were playing with him most of the time that night?


Hello Mr Chief, I want puppy!


Audrey & Tim arrived a lil later, caught up with aud and spent some time camwhoring with the iPad2, which can be quite a challenge!


aud is so pretty!


Now with Alfie!


poor pup looks like he really doesn’t want to be taking that shot with us. FOL.


Took a photo of Mr Chief and NicChay chilling, NicChay has this standard happening pose that he does everytime there’s a photo op. LOL!

Got them to try take a proper shot……and they turned out looking…….like a little more than friends. Hahahaha!

Anyway, it was a nice and cosy night. Eric, I’m sure got pretty knocked up that night, he was on the way there when I left with Mr Chief. LOL!



Got my iPad2 casing from him that night too, like finally! I got this Bright red smart cover casing with back protection case. It’s also avaialble at his site HausofBiB! (


I’ve been procrastinating this and got laughed at by practically everybody who sees my iPad2…for those wo didn’t know, I kept it wrapped in the plastic that it came in for more than a month. How did I charge my iPad you asked? I cut a hole just big enough for the adapter and cellotaped the ends so the plastic sticks to my iPad2 nicely. Hee. I am Chinese afterall okie?

Okay, time to end the post. Check out some of my Insta.gram shares, I’ve been playing with it more actively since I got my pretty iPad casing.

Mr Chief made cupcakes!





By the way, anyone interested to start a petition – INSTA.GRAM FOR BLABKBERRY!?

(Blogged from iPad, will edit later!)

Be good!

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HyppTV & Nuffnang Bloggers’ Party

*slide…tap tap tap….slide slide….flip…..tap tap*

Oh this beauty is gorgeous.

She is so sleek, so slim, so pretty and so useful.

She is my computer, my note pad, my camera, my mirror, my alternative best friend.

the iPad 2.

I won this baby from the HyppTV’s Bloggers’ Party with Nuffnang! That was the first time in my life I’ve won a gadget at any event.

The event was a themed party – a movie star themed party! I didn’t have any outfit in mind but all I knew was I wanted to wear my long purple dress and my matching purple feather earrings. I was telling some of the nuffies earlier that I was going as a movie start going to the academy awards to collect her Oscar…and I CAME HOME WITH THE GRAND PRIZE. Talk about the Law of Attraction eh hehehe!

With Fresh & Rachel at the event. Picture credits to Rachel.

Anyway about the party. The event was held at NEO TAMARIND, awesome place with beautiful food. Been here once for another event and I absolutely loved it. It’s a Thai fusion cuisine sort of restaurant, had great thai food that night to fill up my tummy before participating in the games.

Awesome Jazz music from the live band that night.

Three obstacles we had to pass through that night, I was too busy participating and didn’t have time to snap any photos!

1st booth I did was to post a shout to Facebook about the party, so easyyyyyyyy!

Then I headed over to the 2nd booth and answered some questions about HyppTV. So easyyyyyyyyy! The question posted to me was to name 3 channels of HyppTV.

Fashion TV (Duhh)

MU TV (Bf talks about this night and day, how can I not know about this channel)

CBeeBies ( do not ask me how I know about this channel, I just know! :P )

I’m still very patiently waiting for my UniFi to be installed so I could enjoy these channels and much more. The best part about HyppTV is that besides the 15  free channels, the rest of the awesome channels can be easily subscribed to, there are no packages involved so pick which channels you want to watch and only pay for those! Paying 3 to 9 bucks a month for a channel is definitely value for money I would say, it helps save money for those of us who are so busy with our lives yet want to catch selected channels we’re interested in. Not just that, there are the latest US series available for purchase on HYPP TV ( really excited for this).  Thumbs up to Hypp TV for being thoughtful to busy bees like us!

BACK to the event.

At the 3rd booth, we were given blank speech bubbles for us to fill in and snap a Polaroid photo with. I beamed with I saw blank speech bubbles, cos’ that meant that I could get creative! I grabbed the marker and scribbled on some stuff and wasted no time to snap my photo. :D

It’s a sad thing I couldn’t keep the Polaroid, I would have loved to put that up on desk. Anyway, the Polaroid looks something like this shot.

“Have you heard of all the hype about HyppTV?” ….. “ASK ME!!”

Submitted my contest, didn’t think that I had any chance of winning at all so I was chilling out with some bloggers at the comfy cushion seats. It’s always great to be able to catch up with some of them in events like these besides just reading about what everyone’s up to on their blogs.

In the midst of chatting, I heard a “Michelle Teh!!!” being announced, Nic shoved me my contest form slip and hurried me to get on stage.

Huh? I won the grand prize that night for being the best contestant!

So I quickly got up stage, loads of cameras were flashing as I collected my prize on stage. So I wasssss going to collect my oscar hahaha!

Here’s a shot with lucky Darkbatman & Eyriqazz who won prizes too! Credits to Cik Epal for the photo!

Got home that night with loads of goodies besides that grand prize! Thank you so much again HyppTV for organizing such a great event for us bloggers, and of course, thank you Nuffnang for having me there. =)

Also would like to thank my fellow twitter lovers for their wishes, these people are awesome!

UniFi peeps say they’ll be coming to my place for installation early next week, I can’t wait to experience the UniFi’S speed everyone’s been talking about and of course to watch the channels and series on Hypp TV!!!

– Sent from my iPad2-

CHEHH CHEH CHEHH! No la, blogged from the computer. :P

photo credits to Hypp World Facebook .

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