Gone Curly Again!

Been having long brown flat hair for over a year and I can’t stand the flatness of it!

So i finally decided to get it permed last week (right before my birthday!) I’ve been so caught up with work I forgot to be vain for the longest time.

I got a voucher from a group buying site and did my hair for quite a good deal! The only downside is I doubt I could go back to get my curls fixed cos some parts of my hair are too stubborn to go curly.

My hair looks more wavy than curly now and the only thing I could do besides loading up on sculpting lotion to try and make my curls stick…is to sleep in curlers to get well defined curls.

Love it and wish I have the time to do this at least once a week!

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Hair Talk

Oh my hair when will you ever grow out again.

Every now and then, I’ll dig up some old photos and have hair conversations with myself over it.

I’m hoping I can find the commitment to blog every day because I need these memories to keep me sane. I was reading my blog a few weeks back and I realized how little I blogged the past 2 years. It’s saddening not being able to remember whatever memories I had, where I’ve been, people I’ve met. Honestly speaking, I have a great fear of losing my memories. Movies like the Notebook bloody made me even more scared of it.

Scheduled posts are the best. I’ll be doing this scheduling thing more often, thinking of scheduling a camwhore pic a day to keep the posts flowing in wtf. *vain*

Speaking of scheduling posts, is it possible to schedule emails? It would be great if that feature is possible. I’ve yet to google on that topic and I probably will if it’s not 2:37 am right now on a workday. There, you’ve figured when I typed this entry.

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