Catch Man U Vs Chelsea This Weekend!

I’m no football fan but I’ve recently accepted someone in my life who happens to be a huge fan of the sport so I will try to layan the sport a bit more, keep myself updated and all that :P I’ve never seen anyone talk about football with the amount of passion he has. It’s like he transforms to this little emotional fan boy when it comes to talking about the sport, especially when it’s related to Manchester United.

1) His Blackberry’s wallpaper used to be this.

Used to be because it is now a picture of us. Thank goodness I have some sort of power to make him change that wallpaper Phew!

2) He edited his Blackberry Email Signature to

Sent from my RooBerry

I asked him what it meant and guess what he answered?

Rooney + Blackberry = RooBerry


3)  Another one was him saying

“The best thing in the world will be to have a TV in my room playing this channel (ESPN on football) all day *inserts satisfying smile”

Being the big footie fan he is, i’m sure he’d be so pumped up to catch this weekend’s big match.

The banner here says “The Battle of The Champions” but really to him, there is only one campaign and not much of a battle. I wonder if he would even feel slightly offended with the line ” Batter of The Champions” Hahaha!

Anyway, TM will be throwing a SERIES of viewing party for this Barclays Premiere League match between Man U and Chelsea. Check out the list of mamaks you can check out the party at Note the details! More info here

Date: 19 December 2010 (Sunday)

Time: 12 pm – 2 am


If you’re really too excited, do catch up with the latest Man Utd news before the match day at The Stadium @ EC website ( Go ahead and chat about the game at Kopition @ the Everyone Connects site too since you could chat there. If i was gonna be chatting, it would only be about which players are hot and which are not, that’s as much knowledge about football I have hahaha!

Anyway, sign up for any TM products to get exclusive Man Utd Merchandize and Fan Zone seats to the match. Like the Everyone Connects Facebook page to get some awesome wristbands at the TM booth that night too.

I just might bump into you there, hola if you see me. =)

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