Everyone Connects Turns !!!1ONEONEONE

I don’t want much! I just want everything! – BUNKFACE

Congratulations on your 1st birthday and getting everyone connected for the past year. This post is written to celebrate *celebrates* the 1st birthday bash of Everyone Connects. Everyone Connects is this campaign carried out by the good people of TM to demonstrate the power of connecting, communicating and collaborating among the youth.: http://www.everyoneconnects.net/

I’m sure some of you remember the biggest karaoke event that was organized by these people last year at Bukit Bintang? BUNKFACE’s “Through my window” was practically being played everywhere during that period of time. I heard them on radios, TVs and even on websites. What’s crazier was that even Tokio Hotel came to KL for this karaoke event.

So why all the hype and what’s this campaign for? Basically, their mantra is that connections make anything possible. Sara believes so too and that is why she has this quote on her name card.

I am made greater by the sum of my connections, and so are my connections

To mark this first birthday of the campaign, a birthday bash was organized in curve on the 21st and there were crazy amounts of fun activities connecting people that day. There were flashmobs with these bunch of happy people holding balloons walking around curve.

Look how happy they were! Basically some guys in the front of the line were carrying a radio and a piece of paper that got passers by to press “PLAY” on the radio. When the music started playing, the whole bunch of people froze and got more people at curve curious of what’s going.

Here we have a woman about to make a whole bunch of people freeze with her magic touch.

The whole centre court of Curve was decked in orange and white and so many booths with games were around for shoppers at The Curve to play and celebrate Everyone Connects’ 1st Birthday.

BUNKFACE performed a number of songs that day! These dudes just won some awards and have created a big name for themselves in the music industry.

Pro Gamer Summer Ash was there to entertain the crowd with her professional gaming skills. I never know professional gamers were hired to do shows like these till now.

She is super cute isn’t she?

Cuteness who can kick ass at the same time.

Loads of prizes, games and stuff were given out to the lucky ones that day. I’m sure everyone will be looking forward to be connected for many more years to come.

Happy first birtday Everyone Connects. More to come, ya?

All pictures here are credited to jackieloi, fresh and Everyone connects’ Facebook page.

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