BKK Summarized

Been Missing in Action for the past week because I’ve been very busy shopping in BKK!

Okay besides the bimbo part in me, I did the usual touristy things too as it was my first trip to Bangkok. By the way, I had the pleasure of the company of Soo Wen, Shyuing and Kenny during this 6D 5N trip.

This is a fail picture of them because I don’t want this to be the only post I’m writing about BKK. May the Goddess of blogging help me update my blog with proper posts about my trip.

So yea we did touristy things like…

1. Visiting the shrines and the grand place

I can has panoramic view of the area as proof. Panoramic shot taken with my faithful Samsung Omnia II. I <3 you for your camera, phone..I really do…even though…a bigger portion of my heart now belongs to the BlackRedBerry of mine.

2. Riding a boat to the Floating Market

My left contact lens tore in the middle of this boat ride. :( Lovely experience nevertheless…I mean the boat ride and the shopping while on a boat.

3. Riding an Elephant

No picture of the elephant (The real elephants, the ones that smell..not me hmph) for the same reason as I want to blog more about this trip.

4. Watching the infamous “Ping Pong Show”

I took the liberty to include a graphical illustration of the one part of this show because no pictures or videos were allowed. Better be thankful I included nipples and did not include the pubic hair okay, all done with a mouse and Paint. The grey parts in the picture are the dancing poles. The pink, her lingerie. The Yellow…the ping pong balls and the orange dotted line shows how the balls traveled from her vagina to the basket on the other end of the platform. Hah.

5. Ladyboy Show

All of them were so pretty (great showmanship) I got a dose of Low Self Esteem when walking pass them. Le Sigh. The show was super entertaining and much more value for money than the stupid Ping Pong show we got conned into watching.

6. Having delicious street food

Spot my equally delicious RedBlackBerry in the picture above (got it pimped up by none other than Eric the BB Man).

I have never had a bad meal in Thailand! Absolutely loved all the food I had during my time there be it food from the streets, the food court and the proper restaurants

7. Visiting the famous Night and Day Markets! Suam Lom & Chatuchak

I just realized i didn’t snap any pictures of Chatuchak, must have been too excited to shop instead. :D

8. Went for Foot & Thai Massage + Mani & Pedicure at crazy low prices!

9. Roam the streets of Silom and Pat Pong at night

..and got approached by plenty of scammers everywhere asking if we wanted to watch Tiger and Ping Pong shows.

My travel buddies are no party goers so we chilled at bars instead of partying our nights away.

10.Learning a Thai word

From this pretty catchy song that was played a few rounds during our taxi rides. Tu Tingggg Tu Tingggg Tu Tingggg~ Apparently it means I got dumped when someone says it.



I thank God Soo Wen brought an extra carrier for me to stuff my goodies and bring em home to clog my already full of nonsense wardrobe! I decided to go for more colorful and fun colors other than the usual black, grey, white hues I usually go for. I bought a pink bag for goodness sake, PINK (what was I thinking). Lets see how well I can pull off these outfits. :)

Summary post will end right here. Deet Deet Deet (Sound Effect).

More soon. =)

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What’s Up There?

What’s on my mind?

a) The sun shining bright on the top of the building opposite my office block that’s causing me to squint at my laptop screen

b) What I should be doing this weekend? Would it be one of those quiet nights where I will be home early or will I be out yum chaing somewhere with somebody

c) The chicken soup I just had which was made by my grandma. It had capsicum (a type of veg I’m slowly learning not to hate), Cabbage, chicken (duhh), carrots and erm soup.

d) The itch on my left arm that is irritating me every other minute. Possibly due to some lotion I applied earlier today, or not.

e) The mess I have in my room that is taking up more space than it’s supposed to. It’s not even supposed to be taking up any space actually.

f) How hard it is to actually blog.

g) The alphabet that comes after G.

h) The possibility of me being a much more horrible person than I am now and the other possibilities in life that would come about as a result of that.

i) Should I drive to work or take the LRT tomorrow morning?

j) How many more koalas will I be adding onto my collection of koalas on my table at work. Count is at 3 now, on par with Fresh. Not too bad.

k) How should I phrase that email to sound firm (like I’m not kidding bitch kinda firm) yet nice ( I would bake you cookies kinda nice)

l) Would my falsies last for a few more rounds?

m) If I’m ever on your mind? Cos for me it happens all the time. It’s a quarter past 3, afternoon tea and I want some tea.

n) How could someone, anyone… humans dump their babies?

o) I thought I saw a doughnut when I looked over to find some CDs lying somewhere in the office.

p) How one’s ego could possibly be in the way of him or her succeeding in what he or she is trying hard at.

q) What does this button do?

r) Whom I should be calling.

s) The whole world should be on BBM, because I just got a Blackberry.

t) My love for white A4 double A paper. Every single 80gms of it.

u) How holding grudges about the past and being in denial of 0ne’s problems is holding one back from being happy.

v) Lizards. Just lizards.

w) What Ifs.

x) Things to add on to my to do list before I die.

y) None of the above.

z) All of the above.

Answer : _____

Winner gets to hear Justin Bieber sing on the radio.He’s awesome, I tell you.

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Why SmartPhones can be DumbPhones.

Because there can be not very bright people using Smartphones to do not very smart things.

Not fully utilizing the functions of your smart phone is one for what makes a smart phone less smart. Shame on you owner. I’ve been using Smartphones since 5 years back. My journey started off with my first O2 Mini, a gift I got from daddy as a reward for my somewhat passable SPM results.

I actually had 2 of these because my dad got one for himself (and gave up trying to learn how to use it soon after). My phone eventually got stolen during an assignment back in my college days. The second one is still functional (I think) but is just left sitting in my drawer along with my other non functional phones from the past.

I’m on Samsung Omnia II at the moment. A lot of people *points to nuffies in particular* mock me for getting this windows mobile based phone but I do like using my phone besides the fact that it occasionally hangs. Well, it’s true that I don’t get to communicate as efficiently with the rest of the people around me but I can do old school communication pretty well ok!

Ever since I’ve gotten my Omnia, I’ve been hooked on tweeting via MoTweets. I absolutely love the app.

This picture is just pathetic haha. I had no idea how to access the webcam on my office laptop by itself. So what I did was I logged into to MSN’s video settings and print screened my biting my phone… because I needed both hands to print screen! I tell you I’m a blonde disguised as a brunette.

I’m a total n00b when it comes to comparing between telcos for the best data plans. Not knowing about (or bothering to find out about ) a data plan (*points to self*) is also what made my not-very-smart-to-begin-with phone dumber. I was on no data plan but was surfing with 3G pretty much until I got my phone bill. I was on a 1KB = 1 Cent charge for data (stupid me). Thank God for me signing up for a data plan soon after I got pointed in the right direction from Tim2.

Now that I’ve gotten myself a data plan, I could surf in peace! I check my tweets first thing when I get up and last thing before I doze off every night these days.

So thats my little sharing about smartphones and how they can be dumbphones.

It’s really all in the owner!

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