Glamours Meet Again

Got a chance to meet up with my Glamours again. In case if you’re wondering, we’re not that perasan to nickname ourselves “Glamours”. It was what we were nicknamed back in college by our peers.

An old picture of us! This picture is probably 3 years old!

It was such a tiring day for me and I almost couldn’t make it for dinner as I was running around from events back to office. There were at least 4 different events happening that night and all of which I would love to have dropped by but honestly, spending some precious times with close friends beats everything.

It was Andrea’s birthday that night and since her lover boy wasn’t in town, we took on the opportunity to drag her out to a nice meal, so she could spill some of her latest stories and also to have some girly fun with the rest of us. *winks*  All the fun happened not too far from my office (which is by itself a fun enough place).

We had some Japanese @ Xenri, Menara Hap Seng before some drinks @ Hakka Republic.

Cheese Unagi Maki. I feel so proud of myself for picking this from the menu. It was the bomb for me!

Sashimi Platter. Always a joy to have em raw fish in the mouth. I can eat this all the time, anytime.

Beef Teriyaki. The portions were really small but it was perfect dish.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab.

Garlic Fried Rice. Can’t go wrong with this.

Vern May and Andrea’s birthday is more than a month apart but we had a mini cake-blowing session that night for the both of em.

Sheryn couldn’t get a whole cake thats not too huge for 5 girls to eat so she improvised and got 5 slices of different flavours! Which is actually what I would prefer because I like variety in all my meals.

We stayed at Xenri till they were about to close and hopped over to Hakka Republic for a second round. In contrast to what the name suggests, Hakka Republic is not a place to go for Hakka Food (not one of my fav cuisines). I was there once for Christmas lunch last year and I thought the food was pretty good for a buffet meal. I generally have lower expectations of food quality when it comes to buffet because I believe good food should never be left exposed too long before it reaches whoever’s eating em.

Hakka Republic has a pretty impressive looking bar in my opinion.

Seeing the place was pretty quiet, this gwai lou came over almost immediately when we sat down to chat us up. He went on and on about his life, how he is actually Malaysian (proofed to us with his blue IC), and what his primary school teacher’s favourite color was.. or something along that line.

Well, at least he bought us drinks. =)

Also seeing how quiet the place was, I dragged Birthday girl to crash the live band! We belted out some Jason Mraz and I believe Adelene took some videos of us.

It was fun singing along with the live band, I was seriously suffering with a lack of Karaoke. I karaoke-ed pretty often at one point few months back and I really missed those times. I thought I found some pretty awesome new karaoke buddies from the last few sessions I had. ;)

Adelene and Andrea got a lil high and started dancing to some jazzier tunes from the band.

The rest of the night was spent, camwhoring (Duhh! It’s not often that I carry my bigass camera around these days!) and of course catching up on each others.

These girlfriends are precious to me. =)

One last random shot before I end this post.

There you go. =)

Oh yeah, in case you haven’t noticed (you must be nuts if you haven’t already!), we’re at and not anymore! W00t! My old entries are still not categorized and I still find the layout pretty messy. Will tweak it when I get the time (and knowledge to). We’ll talk about that another day!

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I’m the worst friend ever

I cant believe i actually forgot her birthday this year. I remembered 5 days later that 22nd of November was her birthday. =(

Please forgive me my dear yeen.

I’m dedicating this space here to you, here’s wishing you all the best in all you do. I miss you as well as the other few so much and thanks for becoming one of the significant people in my life.

My dear pretty yeen.

Happy Belated 22nd Birthday!

Take care over there, I will see you soon alrighty?

pssssss Vatty, Wen, Jac and I are going Fish n Co. this week! We’ll save you some calamari okie?


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