Black is Back with ARTHUR’S DAY 2011!

The acts they bring in each year never fail to get me excited because I never thought I’d have the chance to catch them live in Malaysia, ever! Last year there was Sean Kingston, Mizz Nina…and this year, the awesome Taio Cruz will be performing alongside the chosen local music sensations Prema Yin and Dragon Red!

To be honest, I’m equally excited for Prema Yin’s and Taio Cruz’s performance that night. I’ve only seem and heard 1 of Prema Yin’s songs so far so it would be great to watch her perform her other songs live! I wanna see her dance! Woohoo!

When is the fun taking place?

Date: 23 September 2011 (Friday)
Time: 7 pm onwards
Venue: Speed City KL, Selangor Turf Club

Woohoo! I got my Black Chic Party Outfit on and I can’t wait to party!!

If you remember, I had a lot of fun last year at Arthur’s Day!

Please remind me to stay away from cameras this year..

Will you be joining me there this year? Please do but just point your camera towards the stage ogayyyy? ;P

Visit Guinness Malaysia’s Facebook Pags for more info on Arthur’s Day!

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Cheers to Arthur!

Alright, how about a proper update on Arthur’s day instead of having my not very easy on the eyes photo as my first post on this blog?

Well, since I have this party girl image in the eyes of most people I meet these days, I might as well make full use of it and showcase my happening life on my blog. *grins*

Got some invites from Eric for Arthur’s Day KL 2010, called up a few people to see if they’d like to tag along and I ended up going with the person sitting closest to me in my office, PINKY! It’s true what they (so vague, who are they?) say, the best things (in this case, best party partner *hugs*) in life are often right in front of you while you’re trying to search for something better. Take notice of the beautiful people in your life right now please. *community service message ends*

We didn’t know there was a dress code for Arthur’s day so we went in happy colored tops, totally under dressed for this one. -_-

Pinky and I arrived in time to catch Mizz Nina & Colby’s performance of Baybehhhh! I’ve never seen someone with you bodyy. For some weird reason, I seem to always miss Mizz Nina’s performances. The last time I saw her (kinda) live was during Usher’s concert but Fresh and I were using her performance slot to sneak *cough* in to the Rock Zone. Long story to be saved up for another time. :D

I was tweeting a lot during Arthur’s Day not because I wasn’t having fun but because I just felt the need to share my joy with the less fortunate !hi

Raincoats were being given out when it started to drizzle, I actually brought my own having experienced concert in the rain before.

We had our condoms on for a while…until pinky decided that it makes us look too retarded. Met up with Eric for some black stuff and Huai Bin then got us into the Lighthouse where we grabbed some food and took a rest from the rain+crowd+BO overload.

This is Eric, Huai Bin, Rin & Aud at the lighthouse.

Grabbed Pinky and headed back out to the crowd when Sean Kingston came on stage!

Pinky calls me an energizer bunny whenever I’m in the club or in the concert. No rain won’t stop me from jumping around and I pretty much am open to all types of music so yes…yes I even layaned Sean Kingston when he played a Bieber song.


Here are more of my tweets in the midst of all that jumping around.

I wasn’t the only one layaning Sean Kingston okay? Look at all of them having fun!

Fast Forward to Flo Rida.

I was trying hard to snap a clear shot of Flo Rida while he was performing. Probably the only pyshco there trying to see clearly if he does shave his pits cos it seemed like it from the projector screen! I’m all for hair free armpits btw.

One of the memorable scenes, the bouncy balls! These balls got us all so excited!

I even shot a video of it. :) WATCH!

I had a great time dancing along to Flo Rida’s famous songs LIVE this time having always layaned them in the club. Shot a vid of him when he performed ” The Club Can’t Handle Me” .


Flo Rida was great (better than expected). The crowd went crazy when “The Club Can’t Handle Me” was played. I suspect this is was prolly the time when my uglay photo was shot. He even came in to the crowd at one point and it got people running towards him in the crowd. WATCH!

This is the finale where all the celebs gathered on stage and wished Malaysia a Happy Malaysia Day. Thought that was really sweet. =)

What better way to end the night with some awesome fireworks. =)

That’s all from me, go check out the official shots and event coverage of Guinness Malaysia’s Facebook Page!

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