Of Char Siew Hunting & Adam Levine

Went Pork hunting with the boyfriend last weekend at Aman Suria. I was testing out the video camera of the iPad2, this is officially the first video I’ve taken with it. The video is taken, edited, uploaded to Youtube purely on the iPad2. I used the editor called “Splice” for this!

The video is not edited properly and is kinda long winded so bear with me if you’re gonna watch.

(erm yea, I’m the baby talking annoying kinda girlfriend)


I’m up at 1:27 a.m. Frustrated trying to get some air tickets from the great Air Asia sale. Haven’t been successful all day. :(

Maybe the time is not right, if it’s meant to be..it’s meant to be.

Anyway, I was  up around this time last night too and I saw this tweet from *melts* Adam Levine *melts*

Adam somehow has this charm about him that transforms me back into the teenage me who used to go crazy over 911 & Backstreet boys. I am telling you my heart was beating slightly faster when I saw that tweet of his.

I of course replied to him.

But I wasn’t as lucky as these crazy fans to get a reply. Anyway, here are some interesting replies by Adam.

So silly and cute.

Getting his reply would be like a surreal dream.

This applies to anyone and everyone.

*google searches and plays song*

You’re already our hero. @yuennyyee @pinkytham @fresh026 @froggybroon @mimipie

*Youtube’s live performance of song*

Nice one, always love finding out the story behind the songs I love listening to.

Oh well, that’s all for now. I’m about to start working in a bit. Working in the night helps me focus better!

Be good!

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