2012 is coming to an end…and as usual the starting/ending of a year means hearing news about the passing of people in my life. I get in my emo mode whenever I hear about the passing of someone I used know. It just put things back into perspective for me…my life, the people I know, the ones I love. I question my priorities in life when I hear news like that and I never will know how to react appropriately to those news.

2012 is a year of crazy ups and downs, life is really a bitch like what they say. It has its sweet and loving moments but there were times where I got into the worst situations only to be faced with a “Bitch please, you think that’s all you’re gonna get? Wait till you see what’s next” slapped in my face. I’ve learnt so much this year in all areas and I’m bringing all that I’ve learnt in my transition to adulthood.

I’ve always believed that I am where I am to make a difference and with that in mind, I would as much as I can to make that difference significant in all I do, wherever I do it.

Had to take a crash course to survive – discouragement, disappointment, frustration, depression, loneliness – these few guys were living rent free in my head for months for longer than expected. During the troubled times, I was tested, many times and it was tough. My cake batter foamed and fluffed but sunk very quickly, yet I had no choice but to buck up and finish baking the cake. I  I learnt things I never did about the people around me – most things encouraging even though there were some things that I was disappointed to know. I’m very thankful I have God to count on especially in those crazy moments, I know what I went through has helped shape me to become a stronger person.

Flashback of some tips in life I’ve picked up in the past few months (just for the sake of keeping track of my life)

*Flash* It is necessary to stand up and fight for yourself because you’re the only one who could and would do that.

*Flash* Being nice may sometimes be seen as being weak and so it’s important to follow the rules, play by the book and accept what comes your way.

*Flash* Being loud(er) doesn’t mean you’re right and hearing nothing doesn’t mean your wrongs are not echoing all over the room.

*Flash* Self pity is absolutely irritating and should be avoided/ignored at all cause.

*Flash* Being focused on what matters most is more important – filter and roll, rinse and repeat.

*Flash* Snakes are on the plane, in your garden, on the loose. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

*Flash* Set goals that are achievable not just to achieve them but to surpass them.

*Flash* Be neutral = mediocre, be extreme = surprise yourself, blow your mind.

*Flash* Not one person is truly replaceable, every single person brings different values to an experience. Never take anyone in your life for granted.

*Flash* Fixing starts from within. Before all things, love and work on yourself first.

This is something I saw from Rihanna’s Instagram that I wholeheartedly agree. I may not agree with her image as a personality but this line got me writing pass my 3rd sentence in this blog post.


In all its good and horrible times, I’m thankful for 2012. I really am. I’m happy I’m alive, I have a great family, an amazing guy who loves me for who I am, really awesome friends and a lot to look forward to in life. :)

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Catching up..and about Houston

We celebrated Valentine’s Day last night. It was a simple dinner we had and the day didn’t seem any much special to me, but it’s only because everyday feels like Valentine’s day to us. Watami serves pretty awesome and affordable Japanese food by the way. Will definitely be back for more.

Anyway, I’m up at this hour trying my luck logging into Air Asia’s crazy site and proceed to that next step of planning our getaway. We’ve been talking about it and finally decided (somewhat) on where and when to go. *fingers crossed*

On Whitney’s passing. I was really hoping the news of her passing was a hoax when i first found out about it on Twitter. I was in my bed, just about to start my Sunday when I saw tweets flooding in about the news.

I’ve always loved Whitney’s songs and admired her for having one of the best voices in the world.  I knew instinctively the lyrics to a number of her songs because I used to loop them. I thought I could sing damn well whenever I sang along to her songs (I bet I’m not the only one who thought that, it’s just like how we people think they can Wing Chun after watching Ip Man) I even have an illegally downloaded Techno remix of “I Will Always Love You” that I used to loop when working on assignments. I felt the same heaviness in my heart the time I found out about Michael Jackson’s death, I guess I felt that a part of my childhood left me with them leaving this world. I hope they rest in peace.

Speaking of childhood memories, I had the chance to catch a 3D version of Beauty and the Beast from Churp Churp. It brought back so much faint memories of my childhood. One particular memory I had was getting a spelling lesson from my parents and differentiating “H’s” and “A’s”. Believe it or not, I had problems writing the capital letter A when I was a kid, I just couldn’t close that gap between the 2 vertical strokes and my A’s looked like H’s. I strongly urge any 80’s baby to please rewatch the movie in 3D. The 3D effects made the story even more magical than it already is. I was squealing in the hall, bobbing my head throughout the movie and had a huge grin as I exit the hall, I kid you not.

Picture to end the post?

How about this? Since love is in season.

I have this (annoying) habit of spreading whatever icing or cream that’s left off any cakes I have on the plate when I’m done eating. It’s to decorate the plate and to….make life difficult for the dishwashers. This is made out of a Red velvet’s icing, cakes from Whisk at 1Utama.


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What’s the best cure for being emo?

I meant that title as a genuine question, do let me know when there is an answer.



Was exploring town the other day and found this interesting little cafe, Meeples.


They are a boardgame cafe, bringing gaming back to its old school ways.

This is how the cafe looks like from a 5 megapixel camera.

Check out their extensive game collection! Most of the game here are European games and not all of them could be found at Toys r Us.


i felt a lil ashamed of myself for i think I only know like 15 boardgames in my life!



Went on a tour around that place and was brought upstairs to find MORE games! The games upstairs are for sale and most of them are pretty reasonably priced, a little above 100 bucks.

Some of these boardgames are really interesting!









And check this, the offline version of Starcraft!


How cool is that?

Boardgame inventors are geniuses! I just hope I’m able to properly play these awesome games. The only game I recognize from the many games displayed is this – Apples to Apples! The nuffies had a lot of fun playing this on the cruise and during our Christmas pot luck!


Game charges are at RM5 per hour for non members and of course there are awesomer deals if you become their member. For more info do check their social media platforms.


Anybody wants to go play with meeee? :D


i’ll buy your first hour! (Depending on who you are)



Be Good!

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Of Char Siew Hunting & Adam Levine

Went Pork hunting with the boyfriend last weekend at Aman Suria. I was testing out the video camera of the iPad2, this is officially the first video I’ve taken with it. The video is taken, edited, uploaded to Youtube purely on the iPad2. I used the editor called “Splice” for this!

The video is not edited properly and is kinda long winded so bear with me if you’re gonna watch.

(erm yea, I’m the baby talking annoying kinda girlfriend)


I’m up at 1:27 a.m. Frustrated trying to get some air tickets from the great Air Asia sale. Haven’t been successful all day. :(

Maybe the time is not right, if it’s meant to be..it’s meant to be.

Anyway, I was  up around this time last night too and I saw this tweet from *melts* Adam Levine *melts*

Adam somehow has this charm about him that transforms me back into the teenage me who used to go crazy over 911 & Backstreet boys. I am telling you my heart was beating slightly faster when I saw that tweet of his.

I of course replied to him.

But I wasn’t as lucky as these crazy fans to get a reply. Anyway, here are some interesting replies by Adam.

So silly and cute.

Getting his reply would be like a surreal dream.

This applies to anyone and everyone.

*google searches and plays song*

You’re already our hero. @yuennyyee @pinkytham @fresh026 @froggybroon @mimipie

*Youtube’s live performance of song*

Nice one, always love finding out the story behind the songs I love listening to.

Oh well, that’s all for now. I’m about to start working in a bit. Working in the night helps me focus better!

Be good!

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Wow so Random!

Been having a lot of fun with the camera and the photography apps of the iPad2!


This is me being a dugong.

So not hot compared to the mermaids in Pirates of Caribbean! Anyway, the movie was really good, a lil long but good. I did not fall asleep in between so it has to mean something! (pss I actually almost fell asleep watching fast five).

Anyway, I’m seated here with Mr Chief at a Hailam restaurant in SS2, looks like another one of hidden food outlets in PJ. Food here is great! Better than Yut Kee anytime, I’m very disappointed of the food quality in Yut Kee.

Let me include a photo of this place


The name is Ting’s Cafe, blogging with their WiFi….on my iPad2.

Signing off now!


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I’m watching me

If you were to be observing your life from the view of a spectator watching a film, I wonder what will you be seeing? What will you be hearing? and what judgments would you pass upon yourself?

If I were to be observing my life in a film, I would most probably be writing a movie review that goes something like…

I was hoping for a climax but there wasn’t much.


I thought it was a little draggy.


There were some interesting bits, some good build up to it but there was just nothing outstanding.

My movie would probably be classified under the B list movies, movies that would probably be shown on the silver screen but definitely no blockbuster. No big budgets, no awesome CG to wow the audience and no action packed drama but an interesting plot nevertheless.

All in all, a decent but could have been much better kind of film. Mediocre.

What’s my biggest fear in life?


..and unfortunately, my life movie is not that far away from the line of mediocrity.

I’m coming up with a sequel but unlike most sequels, this will (it has to!) be much better than the first. At least I got a good cast this time around, oh we all know the importance of a good cast in movie. The old cast was alright but some actors and actresses who weren’t that good at what they do or too difficult to work with (like Megan Fox) will be dropped out of this sequel.

Camera rolling…1….2…..3…and ACTION!

I’ve got Oscars to collect!

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I know I know

..the old year has ended and we’re already halfway through the first month of the new year.

I will find time for a proper update before the month ends.

I show you kelian face okay, with sincerity all.

As illustrated in picture, I’m sad because I’m missing out so much on my blog.

Sexy ass belongs to yuenyee btw.

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Email from the Past & Happy Mid Autumn Festival

I was creating an email filter earlier today and I saw a whole bunch of empty mails from the past.

1970. 17 years before I was even born.

Maybe I was destined to have this job.

This iz ma destinyyyyy!


By the way, haven’t been around much lately. You know what they say the more happening your blog…the less happening your life and vice versa. *anticipates bashing from bloggers*

It was Mid Autumn festival yesterday and I did nothing except eating a few slices of mooncake received from an event.

These are not the ones I had yesterday, these are just cute ones that deserve pictures =D

Hope you had fun playing candles in the rain!

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