Welcome to my personal space.

I started when I was 16 and I used to write about my silly days as a teenager. I used to obsess about placing background music (thank goodness I grew out of that phase) and would wr1t3 my p0sts this way with multiple fonts and colors. Oh! Don’t judge! Well, that was many years back and I don’t regret having documented my silliness on the world wide web. What I do regret though..is that I deleted my very first blog because I felt embarrassed by it.

Anyway, this is a new space that I’ve started writing in since 2006, back in my college days. I share my days, thoughts and moments here in hopes that this can be a judgement-free zone, so please pardon my immaturity if you intend to scroll back to the archives. Other than that, I hope you have a pleasant time here.

In the meantime, if you would like to connect, do beep me at michellezyenn@gmail.com