I’ve always kept a mini goal in life – and that is to bring my family on a holiday. As much as I am fully aware of the potential frustrations and stress that will follow the TEH family trip, spending quality time with the family is necessary and I treasure it wholeheartedly. I managed to achieve that mini goal and spent some time with my family in Hua Hin & Bangkok recently. šŸ™‚

When it comes to trips, I’m one who prefers a well-planned trip itinerary instead of playing by ear…unless of course I’m going to be by the beach. Any idle time on a trip just feels like wasted time and wasted opportunity to me!

But when it comes to planning, I’ve to admit that I’m not the best trip planner. I tend to over research travel blogs (which eventually makes me very indecisive on the plans)..and not have enough contingency plans. I try to stay organized with the planning by using apps like Evernote, but inputting the plans can be quite a pain. I’ve tried using many other apps too but I often find them to be complicated and not very handy when I’m actually on the trip.

I discovered a great app that saved me a lot of time planning for my recent 6D5N family trip to Hua Hin & Bangkok.


IntroducingĀ Tripomatic!


I used theĀ app on iOsĀ and also managed my trip itinerary on theĀ webĀ version.


Adding plans onto my day-to-day activities was swift as they have a database of attractions that I’m guessing are preloaded onto the app as well as user generated. I love how I can easily drag to rearrange my plans, thumbs up to the UX of this app!


What I also love about the app is that I can share and manage my trip with my traveling party, which is GREAT. I didn’t pay for the full version so I could only share read access to my itinerary. My family members could access my itinerary via a trip link I shared and could be up to date with the plans. I also downloaded and shared a PDF version of my trip with them…just in case we run out of Wifi.

I’m pretty sure I have not fully explored this app as I didn’t pay for full access, hope it helps with your trip planning too. šŸ™‚

By the way, I’m in no way sponsored by the app and in no way a travel expert. This is merely me sharing my humble and positive experience using the app. šŸ™‚ Ā Here’s my recentĀ trip itineraryĀ if you’re interested.

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