Catching up..and about Houston

We celebrated Valentine’s Day last night. It was a simple dinner we had and the day didn’t seem any much special to me, but it’s only because everyday feels like Valentine’s day to us. Watami serves pretty awesome and affordable Japanese food by the way. Will definitely be back for more.

Anyway, I’m up at this hour trying my luck logging into Air Asia’s crazy site and proceed to that next step of planning our getaway. We’ve been talking about it and finally decided (somewhat) on where and when to go. *fingers crossed*

On Whitney’s passing. I was really hoping the news of her passing was a hoax when i first found out about it on Twitter. I was in my bed, just about to start my Sunday when I saw tweets flooding in about the news.

I’ve always loved Whitney’s songs and admired her for having one of the best voices in the world.  I knew instinctively the lyrics to a number of her songs because I used to loop them. I thought I could sing damn well whenever I sang along to her songs (I bet I’m not the only one who thought that, it’s just like how we people think they can Wing Chun after watching Ip Man) I even have an illegally downloaded Techno remix of “I Will Always Love You” that I used to loop when working on assignments. I felt the same heaviness in my heart the time I found out about Michael Jackson’s death, I guess I felt that a part of my childhood left me with them leaving this world. I hope they rest in peace.

Speaking of childhood memories, I had the chance to catch a 3D version of Beauty and the Beast from Churp Churp. It brought back so much faint memories of my childhood. One particular memory I had was getting a spelling lesson from my parents and differentiating “H’s” and “A’s”. Believe it or not, I had problems writing the capital letter A when I was a kid, I just couldn’t close that gap between the 2 vertical strokes and my A’s looked like H’s. I strongly urge any 80’s baby to please rewatch the movie in 3D. The 3D effects made the story even more magical than it already is. I was squealing in the hall, bobbing my head throughout the movie and had a huge grin as I exit the hall, I kid you not.

Picture to end the post?

How about this? Since love is in season.

I have this (annoying) habit of spreading whatever icing or cream that’s left off any cakes I have on the plate when I’m done eating. It’s to decorate the plate and to….make life difficult for the dishwashers. This is made out of a Red velvet’s icing, cakes from Whisk at 1Utama.


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