michellezyenn : The Rising Star

You can’t beat me I’m a rockstar……in the making.

yes, my album will be out this December.

Watch out for my latest singles in this album, gosh I’ve put in so much hard work to it for the past few months! So excited that it’s finally coming to stores so soon!

So anyway, keep an eye out on my album “The Rising Star” featuring the popular tracks always on air on MichFM!  Here is the full list of songs featured in this debut album of mine. I did a lot of collaborations with the very talented musicians around me.

1. We should really be dancing.

2. Excuse me Mijel (ft Karen Kadazan)

3. We don’t need no alcohol (Michellezyenn vs DJ Pinky)

4. Moonwalk like we jaywalk

5. My bunneh lies over the ocean

6. Balls of beef

7. Snowflake, Snowflake (aka taro taro)

8. To psycho with love (ft Froggybroon)

9. Snag the whites (ft DJ Fresh)

10. Ears don’t lie (ft DJ Yuenny)

11. Layers of phat (ft Loopsinner)

12. Non spicy makeover (ft Nikilesh)

I hope you enjoy the songs!

pics credit to dustyhawk

[Disclaimer] btw disclaimers are so potong stim don’t you agree? This is a joke okay, I am not coming up with an album or whatever haha. MichFM however, is real, it’s only being aired in the Nuffnang Malaysia’s office though. teehee.

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