I was about to hit “Play” on Windows Media Player to watch this supposedly sexy movie according to Chubs and Angie.


Then I decided Nahhh! I should save the movie for another time. Some other time when I’m not having this much huuhaa going on up in the head. I’m sure I’d be able to better enjoy that movie when I’m all carefree and this clogged up with thoughts. So instead of watching that movie, I decided on doing something more entertaining (according to my dictionary) which then lead me to this page, typing this. ThiS. and ALL THESE. I was reading my old entries and I felt the need to inject something more personal into this space because this space is starting to feel a little foreign to me. I used to just log into to blogger and start yakking away including a lot of awful colors in my text but wordpress just feels so prim and proper I can’t seem to go yankeedoodle on my blog! So yes, I’ve decided to blog in my usual stream of thought kinda way that I used to a lot back in the past. *peace*

Blogging this way just feels more liberating but can be a pain to whoever’s reading because of my bad English, grammar, lack of punctuation and more abrupt endings. But I just have to let this (insert horrible object ) out in a way that doesn’t seem like it’s being let out too obviously, you know here at my blog the usual style has always been the subtle, vague emo blog posts disguised as a graphic or some horribly written paragraphs.

I feel like I need a vacuum cleaner to suck em all out, assuming these thoughts are in the form of little particles of dust. Once I get them all out, I’ll be needing to arrange them all in little bottles, which I would then place in little compartments far back in my head, like wayyy back in the store room at the attic with 5 locks kinda far back.  These thoughts, I want placed so deep that only my shrink would be the only person who is allowed to discover them upon hypnotizing me. It will be my darkest secrets, my regrets in life, my worries, my confessions and most importantly my drafted out blog posts that never got published because I didn’t want people reading them. All of you and you, guilt.

All of you sift yourselves into your categories straight into the bottles and roll yourselves into that store room. Go away for now and leave me alone. Meet my shrink (possibly someone I used to study with) later in my life. kthkbai.

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