Not literally but verbally @ Subway Jaya33 today.

There was a young mother in her late 20s with her husband & 2 children and then there was me and my mum.

I was standing in line @ subways ordering my favourite 6″ Subway Melt with parmesan oregano bun and before me there was this woman, dressed rather sloppily in a purple baby-t, mummy bermudas..and ..(were those crocs? eww). She was already at the cash register about to settle her bill and myself as well as the rest of the line was just minding our own business, placing our orders.

Then this woman. who looks like she was about to settle the bill, wanted to order more food so she kept poking her face into my direction trying to check the menu and get the waiters to take her order.

I tell you I could even feel her breath on my face because she was that close to me! and can you imagine how annoying that felt? You standing there minding your business and there is it woman moving about very (!!!) closely near your face as though she was trying to stare into your nostril or trying to count the number of blackheads on your nose.

But because I thought she had difficulty making up her mind and seeing the choices of bun listed out at the end of the queue (and i understand how it feels being a fickle minded person myself) I didn’t mind her even though I thought she was very rude to intrude my space! Ignore.

my subway melt with turkey ham, breakfast strips and turkey breast and cheese came out of the toaster smelling pretty damn awesome.

“That’s not my bun…What is that?”

That woman yelled to the waiter….

The waiter was confused of course and I could tell he wasn’t really listening to her. He looked at me and I signaled to him that that was my sandwich, so he asked me what sorta veggie I want.

Just when I was about to answer “I want everything except….

That woman then, without any hesitation turned to the waiter and uttered

“Ermmm I want a Italian BMT, 6 inch yadayada I’m a b**** yadayada I take it up the a** yadayada” or something along that line.

Obviously the waiter was even more confused because his job was supposed to just place the appropriate amount of veggie on the bun – putting the dressing – wrapping the bun and not picking the bun – toasting the bun. The ordering and toasting takes place at the end of the line, this is where the sandwich gets healthier with the greens!

I was of course taken aback by this woman, so rude leh! I was talking to that poor boy and she simply ignored me like that and all the while she was still doing the blackhead counting move next to me!

Pissed off, I took a step back and moved before her in the line so she could place her order with the right person and I could have my choice of greens in me bun.

Waiter sort of signaled me to continue with my order and so I went

“Okay I would like everything except for capsicums”

And that was the moment where I kena. Left right center from this woman.

“Why did you cut my queue? Excuse me I am not even done with MY ORDER, I have 2 kids that are very hungry now how can YOU just jump the queue…..!??! Well if it makes you feel GOOD about it GO AHEAD
*signals to the waiter* Yeah Serve her first!”

I was like….*speechless* I took a step back.

“Excuse me lady that *points to my already cold bun” is my bun. You have not even decided on what you want”

“But you are so rude to just jump the line like that but if it makes you feel good GO Ahead!”

Just then my mum came and pulled me back saying

“No No nvm, serve the woman first”.

I was of course ~!#!@ing mad because that %@#$@# made it seem like I was a spoilt brat for asking the waiter to place the veggie on my bun.


You want me to wait for you to slowly make up your mind while my sandwich is just sitting there and you want the whole subway crew to pause for you to decide whether or not you should order the Italian BMT or a new haircut isit?!?

You expect me to compromise the quality of my Subway Melt because of your fickle mindedness and your horrible sense of fashion (I just have to add this in)?! DENG! No way especially after I had to put up with your blackhead counting and your breath a few minutes before that. CIS!

And you know what she did next? She went on to say to the waiter

“Hey just deal with that girl quickly, my child is hungry”


Now its my fault that you started the commotion?

Just then the owners approached us and asked what happened. The woman proceeded to blame the whole thing on me saying i cut her queue and all that la, the owner only said one thing.

Whose bun is that? * Points at my poor lil bun*


“Okay, you go ahead first, its okay because your sandwich is ready”

Then she asked me if I cut the woman’s queue and I explained the whole situation to her. She sighed and shook her head a lil.

“Nevermind, Its okay if your bun is ready, its your turn.”


Damn good la.

My sandwich was so cold.

And there was capsicum in it.


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