Why does my table look so familiar….as though i’m back into becoming a student…?

Who knew i’d have to study (note:read textbooks and work on past year questions) even when working?!?

I’ve always thought that i never was a good student….studying (textbooks) was pretty difficult for me because i’m lazy! And unfortunately i’m not one of those who love to read….facts and laws governing something i knew nothing about.

With all that being said i’m still happy (up to this point) that i.ve made my decision 🙂 things just somehow seem to make sense and fit in well with what i imagined my future to be…:)

Btw another negative and totally unnecessary statement to my wellbeing….i feel way less pretty already because i have got short hair now……i’m talking shoulder length….there’s not a picture here because i have also lost my skills in camwhoring! What happened to my vanity?

Bah! Screw vanity i wanna be rich now!!

Will be updating more frequently (by phone) i presume cos i just got my phone fixed….for 700 bucks! I’ve really have myself a brand new phone now hahahaha

I use to be able to camwhore while producing pics that make me look much better than in life.

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