just when i was feeling all moody and hopeless…

and bored of doing what i was doing…

mummy handed me a lil something that made me grin from my telinga kanan to my telinga kiri.

a letter from

the one and only Ming Zi!!!!

walaupun jakun sikit, she’s still the ming zi we all missssssssssssssssss….

*bounces around room waving letter in hand and proceeds to reading it*



hARH? really??







miss u too…

*wipes tear off cheeks*

Dearestttt zi zi i know you like to tulis panjang lebar to practice your writing but i think its about time you balik kampung to practice your speech & drama with us!

ah wim bah weh ah wim bah wah?

don’t forget to drag penang princess back here too because we sayang her alot tooo

we are waiting……

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